mandag 29. juni 2009

Someday I'll fly away

Tomorrow I am leaving for my holiday in Greece. The days will be filled with sand, swimming and lovely food, and the nights will be filled with colourful cocktails and all-night dancing at the hottest clubs. I can't wait. It will be fabulous. I am just done with packing my suitcase, and the content looks something like the polyvore collage above. Anyway, I won't be able to blog for about two weeks, but don't be sad just yet - you will have plenty to read in my old blog, if you haven't already checked it out! It is in norwegian, so you may not understand, but looking at pictures is fun anyway. Have a lovely time while I'm gone, I sure will!

Summer lovin'

Picture taken at the Coachella festival.
This is in my eyes the perfect outfit for the steamy summer days... I love the skirt and the ruffled top. The hat is also really cool, and adds a personal touch to the look. The worn-out moccasins, and the tribal necklace makes the outfit one of a kind.

søndag 28. juni 2009

Emma Watson, Teen Vogue, july 09
Emma Watson looks gorgeous in this photo. I adore her outfit, and she reminds me of one of those old fashioned dolls... I love the sculputal skirt, and the soft, silky blouse covered with brooches. The ribbon used as a belt also gives a playful and girly touch to the look. Fabulous. It looks so exclusive, yet appoachable.

lørdag 27. juni 2009

Wishful thinking

Today I wish I was wearing something like this.. Slouchy and comfy, yet stylish, and it is all in the details. I'm in love with this YSL necklace, and the Miu Miu velvety bow-bag is gorgeous. Denim cut-offs are comfy and utral-trendy, as is the loose Alexander Wang tee. Love love love.

Hot streetstyle

I love looking at photos of streetstyle, and I could sit for hours just admiring all the cool and different outfits random people put together. Here are a few inspirational pictures for the lovely weather nowdays.

fredag 26. juni 2009

Today it is sunny and oh so hot, which is why this Vogue-cover is perfect for my mood. Daria's pose reminds me of one of my dance routines, and the dress is so beautiful. I love the colours of the dress, and the neutral tones in the background really bring out the bright blue hues in the dress. Miss Werbowy also looks gorgeous as usual.

tirsdag 23. juni 2009

Style icon - Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung a true style inspiration. I love how she never looks put together, but rather messy and spontanious. She always makes her simple outfits more personal by adding unique pieces of jewellery, or by putting on one item of clothing that really makes a statement. To top it all off, she wears natural make-up and has slightly messy, straight-out-of-bed hair.

The 1920's

The 1920's is the most inspiring decade for me at the moment. I'm in love with the flappers. I wish I was a flapper! Then I could wear gorgeous flapperdresses, cut my hair in a fabulous bob, wear a turban with feathers, smoke stylish sigaretts and dance all night long in the hottest jazz-clubs! I say bring the 20's back!

mandag 22. juni 2009

I wish

Today I wish I was wearing this. I am in love with this sequin-embroidered vest from Day Birger et Mikkelsen, and the fringed ankleboots from Christian Louboutin are fabulous. The red glossy bag is perfect for putting an edge to the outfit, and adding several bangles will make the look a little more personal. To not make the outfit too over the top, use the three statement pieces with a pair of simple, skinny jeans and a grey, loose tank. A perfect everyday-outfit, with a bit of edge and personality.

Welcome to The hottest fashionblog

Welcome to my new blog. My name is Susanne, and I am an 18 years old girl from Norway. I have a passion for fashion, and my dream is to work for a fashion magazine, or to be a fashion designer - so I thought, what better way to practice than through a blog? I will blog about designers, fashion shows, gorgeous fashion photos, models and trends, and in addition to this I will also post pictures of my own outfits, and inspirational outfit-collages.

So, you better start reading the hottest fashionblog!
Picture: Clemence Poesy