torsdag 15. oktober 2009

Black is the new black

Black is the colour of fashion, and the colour to wear during fall and winter. When asked if she didn't like any colours, Coco Chanel answered "Yes, as long as it's black". I think this single statement shows what a powerful colour black is. Really, it can be anything. Dramatic, powerful, plain, classy, simple and cool. Black goes with everything, yet still, it doesn't have to be boring to wear an all black outfit. By mixing different fabrics and textures, the overall look can be more exciting than lots of colours blending together. This fall, mix leather, fur, feathers, silk, wool, suede, sequins and cotton to get an updated, fabulous and very fashionable black winter.

lørdag 3. oktober 2009

Dark angel

I love both of these outfits. In the first one, I love the mixture of light and dark colours, the blazer, the necklace and the leather leggings. In the second one, I really like that the entire outfit is dark, yet very classy and cool. I love the draped dress topped off by a blazer, and the belt that adds some contrast to the look. I would probably go with some other shoes though, in both of the looks. Maybe some ankleboots or flats... But overall, both of these outfits please my eyes.

fredag 2. oktober 2009

Lutz & Patmos s/s 2010

I love the carefree and easy luxurious feel of Lutz & Patmos's latest line. Even though I am no fan of the harem pants, they don't look as bad here... I love the nude colours in the fourth outfit, and the navy in the last two. The fucshia paired with the nude pink also create a nice contrast to the laid back items. Lovely collection.

Take it easy

Scarlet Johansson
Tonight I'm going to curl up in bed with a cozy sweater, my blanket, a cup of tea and some chocolate... And hope that I'll feel good enough to go out tomorrow night instead.