torsdag 19. november 2009

Kiss me baby

This picture makes me wish I was Mary-Kate Olsen. It's so damn cool! It must be my favourite photo ever. The beachy hair, the red lips, the Ray Bans... Just plain fantastic!


I'm completely obsessed with leopard print. It never goes out of style, and it's so incredibly fabulous. So... mighty and powerful, and if worn in the right way, effortlessly stylish. I love my leopard coat to death, and apparentley, so do style icons Kate Moss and Sienna Miller. Rawrr.

torsdag 15. oktober 2009

Black is the new black

Black is the colour of fashion, and the colour to wear during fall and winter. When asked if she didn't like any colours, Coco Chanel answered "Yes, as long as it's black". I think this single statement shows what a powerful colour black is. Really, it can be anything. Dramatic, powerful, plain, classy, simple and cool. Black goes with everything, yet still, it doesn't have to be boring to wear an all black outfit. By mixing different fabrics and textures, the overall look can be more exciting than lots of colours blending together. This fall, mix leather, fur, feathers, silk, wool, suede, sequins and cotton to get an updated, fabulous and very fashionable black winter.

lørdag 3. oktober 2009

Dark angel

I love both of these outfits. In the first one, I love the mixture of light and dark colours, the blazer, the necklace and the leather leggings. In the second one, I really like that the entire outfit is dark, yet very classy and cool. I love the draped dress topped off by a blazer, and the belt that adds some contrast to the look. I would probably go with some other shoes though, in both of the looks. Maybe some ankleboots or flats... But overall, both of these outfits please my eyes.

fredag 2. oktober 2009

Lutz & Patmos s/s 2010

I love the carefree and easy luxurious feel of Lutz & Patmos's latest line. Even though I am no fan of the harem pants, they don't look as bad here... I love the nude colours in the fourth outfit, and the navy in the last two. The fucshia paired with the nude pink also create a nice contrast to the laid back items. Lovely collection.

Take it easy

Scarlet Johansson
Tonight I'm going to curl up in bed with a cozy sweater, my blanket, a cup of tea and some chocolate... And hope that I'll feel good enough to go out tomorrow night instead.

mandag 28. september 2009


Random fashionable guy outside Oslo Fashion Week. Love the trench, the scarf, the shoes and the hat. Very laid back and cool, yet at the same time styled. Nice

Look of the day

Simple minidress, draped cardigan, lace up-ankleboots, patent leather Mulberry bag, chunky scarf and gem-covered earrings. I love the colours in this outfit - very autumn-ish, just like the weather these days.. I actually quite like the fall-season, only wish it would stop raining as much...


Sequin-covered, sailor-striped sweater with shoulderpads by Balmain. I'm wishing that this will magically all of a sudden appear in my closet.. And that I will look as good in it as Kate Moss.

søndag 27. september 2009

Style icon: Erin Wasson

Model, designer, muse, style icon. Erin Wasson has that effortless coolness that normal people can only dream about, and a sense of personal style that is so incredibly fabulous. She never looks too dressed up, and she always has that effortless just-threw-something-on look. Her favourite basic pieces are tanks, denim cut-offs, skinny jeans and statement jackets, and she mixes these items with cool and unexpected accessories like a feather headpiece or a pair of leopard printed shoes.

lørdag 26. september 2009

Hey, hey it's saturday!

Dree Hemingway.
Have fun tonight guys, I most certaintly will!

fredag 25. september 2009


A loose braid on the side was the hairstyle used at Alexander Wangs latest show. I personally love the carefree and cool look, and will definately be braiding my hair throughout the winter and throught to spring.

torsdag 24. september 2009

Jimmy Choo for H&M

I can't wait for the launch of Jimmy Choos line for H&M in november! I've been sneak-peeking at a preview of the collection, and picked out three favourites. They are so beautiful that I NEED to have them! Such perfection is truly rare... Must-have-now.

The perfect partydress

Turquise. Open back. Shoulder pads. Sequins. Bare legs. Beachy curls. What's not to love? Sienna looking breathtaking as always.

mandag 21. september 2009

Look of the day

Today I wish I was wearing something along the lines of this. As you can probably tell, I'm obsessed with skinny jeans, as they go along with anything. I also have a love for bangles (you will rearly see me without my bangles...), and for studs. The studded pair of Christian Louboutin flats are like out of a dream, and the same goes for the Alexander Wang studded hobo-bag. Looove. I figured the outfit needed a bit of colour though, so I added an emerald green cocktail ring...

søndag 20. september 2009

AW s/s 2010

Everybody is talking about the new Alexander Wang line, which is very sporty and partly american football-inspired. As always, the shoes were the most fabulous part of the collection - who can resist a pair of super hot leopard-printed wedges?! Not me, thats for sure, and especially not when they are signed AW. The collection also contained a lot of transparent fabrics, shoulder pads, interesting cuttings and sequins. Just like you'd expect. Here are my favourite looks from the line.

søndag 13. september 2009

Find the balance

Stella McCartney for Adidas.
I love this line, which is perfect for my lifestyle at the time.

lørdag 12. september 2009

Look of the day

It's raining and cold, so this chunky knitted sweater looks pretty appealing today. It's perfect with skinny black jeans, black ankleboots with buckles, bangles, shiny earrings and a slouchy hobo-bag. A warming and energizing latte is off course a neccessity.

tirsdag 8. september 2009

Shades of grey

Kate Moss
I absolutely love this photo, and I desperately want that hair! Gorgeous.

mandag 7. september 2009

Festival fabulous

I know the festival season is over, but I still can't help but to droole over all the great festival fashion that appeared this year. Here are a few goodies.

tirsdag 1. september 2009

Look of the day

Today I wish I was wearing this. I love the simplicity of the black jeans and the grey top, and then how the fur vest, the ankleboots and the shoulderstrap bag play up the whole look. Rock chick yet bohemian, just the way I like it!


Daisy Lowe

This fall I'm dying for a leopard-fur coat (faux, off course), and this one looks great. If I had one, I'd wear it with black skinny jeans and a simple top, to give the coat all the attention it deserves. Craaaaavings....

mandag 31. august 2009

Report from OFW

Pictures: Epilogue, Flinga, Hanne (my friend who went with me to the shows), me.
So sorry I haven't updated the blog in a while, but after attending fashion week, I was super-busy trying to get everything together, to move across the country to attend a new school... I have now been at the school for about a week, so as I'm all settled in, I'm ready to start blogging again!

- Anyway, Oslo Fashion Week was so much fun! The shows were fantastic, the atmosphere was great, and as to be expected, there were plenty of well-dressed people! My favourite show was by a brand called Flinga. They had so many fantastic, wearable, yet fashionable clothes, and I basically wanted them all! Epilogue also did a really great show with a lot of high fashion elements. A truly great weekend!

torsdag 13. august 2009

Tough fashion

Lara Stone, Vogue UK, June 09

Heading off to attend fashion week! Back on sunday. Have fun in the meantime lovelies, and look forward to pictures.

onsdag 12. august 2009

OFW here I come

I have won tickets to a show at Oslo fashion week!! How lucky am I?! I would say very... It's been a dream of mine since I knew what it was... I won by entering this contest in a magazine where you had to name your favourite norwegian designer, and tell why. Then they picked out those with the best reasons, and one of them was me!! Yay. I also get to bring a friend, it will be so much fun! Can't wait.

I'm floating on a pink cloud

Today I am just generally happy. It's a good feeling.

tirsdag 11. august 2009

Look of the day

I love this outfit on Kate Moss. Her outfit is classic yet rock-chick inspired. The outfit consisting of grey skinny jeans, a black top and a grey blazer is so basic, but becomes more interesting because of the accessories added. Just goes to show how much a pair of shoes, a belt, a bag, a scarf and a ring can do to an outfit! Kate Moss does it again...

mandag 10. august 2009


I love the boho-chic look the model on the cover of Numéro has. The layered necklaces, the big earrings, the patterned top and the big floppy hat look fantastic, and give a sort of luxurious 70s feel. Love it.

Today I wish I was wearing this

Keep it simple with classics such as dark skinny jeans and a loose tee, and add personality with accessories like bangles, necklaces, unique shoes and a statement bag. I think i might want to throw on something like this today...

søndag 9. august 2009

Saturday night live

Because it was saturday night, my friend Karen and I decided it was time for a party, and indeed what a party it was...! Haha. Here are our outfits from last night (without shoes and purses..).

lørdag 8. august 2009

4 items every cool guy should own

- The fedora hat
- The waistcoat
- The skinny jeans
- The Ray Ban wayfarers
As you can probably tell, I have a thing for rockerboys.. I just love their sense of style. I can't explain it any further, they just have it.
Tonight it's partytime. Maybe I'll post my outfit before I leave.
- Later lovelies

fredag 7. august 2009

Look of the day

I love the outfit that Kate Moss is wearing in this photo. The military/band jacket, teamed with skinny grey jeans, a loose tee, emerald green bag, aviator sunglasses and a chunky gold bracelet is the perfect fit for a cool day-look. Lovely.