fredag 20. august 2010

Happy Friday!

Kate Moss
Yay, it's finally weekend! Actually, I've pretty much been partying all week, anyway, but whatever... Time to get back to it, hah! Enjoy your weekends lovelies.

onsdag 18. august 2010

I love the kind of mysterious and cool mood in these pictures. And the styling is just delicious. Love the long, wavy hair, the huge hats, the cat-eyeliner and the golden accessories. And australian Abbey-Lee looks gorgeous as always.

torsdag 15. juli 2010

Rainy day

Leggings, biker jacket and scarf: H&M, cardigan: GinaTricot, and shoes: Bianco.
Sorry about the kind of blurry picture, but i was in a rush... It has been pouring down almost the entire day, so now I'm happy to just relax on the couch with a cup of peppermint tea.

onsdag 14. juli 2010

New shoes

Got myself a new pair of shoes to add to my collection today! Aren't they lovely? I've actually been looking for a pair just like them for ages, so I was thrilled when I finally found them. At the moment I'm just wearing them around the house, but I can't wait to take my babies out to see the world!


A picture of what I wore to work yesterday. Harempants, tank, draped cardigan and leopard scarf: all H&M. Haha, didn't realise until now that I was an ad for my beloved H&M! Anyway, just 3 more days of work, and then I'm going to Greece for two weeks. Can't wait! Now - chinese food and a few episodes of SATC. Yum.

fredag 9. juli 2010


I just stumbled across this fantastic dress from Givenchy's lates couture collection. It's so incredible. Way too much, and yet not enough... Even though it's so over the top, it's also understated in a way.. Ahh - I think it's a dress I could actually get married in!

torsdag 24. juni 2010


I really have to start going to bed earlier... I hate going around being tired all day, even the simplest task gives me the feeling of having to klimb a mountain. But - time to hit the gym - maybe it will wake me up a little... And then it's time for work.

onsdag 23. juni 2010


Siri Tollerød
Running out into the sun to have lunch with Karen and then go to work. Have a lovely day all!

tirsdag 22. juni 2010

DVF Resort 2011

Love the sporty-tribal look! And the yellow silk wrapdress is just to die for...

mandag 21. juni 2010

Gina Tricot fall 2010

Some pictures from Gina Tricot's fall 2010 line. Love the white oversized knit, and the Alexander Wang diego bag copy. Haha, it's barely summer, and I'm already looking forward to the new autumn clothes enter the stores!
Pictures from

søndag 20. juni 2010

Nude + Black

I am absolutely in love with combining nude colours with black. It's just perfect. And red lips add a lovely touch as well.


Today I have enjoyed the sun, just walking around town, and then sitting on the terrace, reading the latest issue of Costume and sipping an iced latte. Lovely uneventful sunday... And then suddently while reading blogs, I was hit by an urge to buy a turban.. I think I'll have to take a look in some vintage-shops this week to see if I can find a suiting one, so that I can look as cool as Carolina from fashionsquad does in this picture.

søndag 13. juni 2010


I'm having intense cravings towards this jacket... It's by the british brand Muu:ba, and oh so lovely... I love the cut of it, and the reptile-print in the leather is just incredible. So luxurious! Me want - but sadly it's going to cost me half my pay-cheque. It would be perfect this fall though... Maybe if I'm really good at saving..?

søndag 6. juni 2010

Go wild

- Safari-inspired dress, leopard printed clutch and shoes made in hay-like material. It's time to go au naturelle... Well, not entirely - red lips and nails are much needed for a chic touch to the look.
- For my part, today has been spent lounging on the deck in my blue, leopardprinted jumpsuit, sipping iced tea and enjoying the sun. I'm so tired after last night's party, so I might actually soon jump into bed after a relaxing bath... Oh, how I love superlazy sundays... Wish I could show you a picture of my outfit, but I have to get a new camera.. And a new computer... Arrghh! Really I would much rather spend all those money on shoes, but it's time to be sensible...

søndag 30. mai 2010


- A sheer, black blouse
- Black leather shorts
- Leggings by Alexander McQueen

Top H&M Divided Exclusive, cocktail ring Forever 21, nailpolish Essie, lipstick MAC.
As the weekend has gone by, I haven't been able to stop thinking about the great times we had partying in New York... And I miss it so incredibly much! Also, it didn't exactly help, when our promoter sent me an invitation to a party that was to take place in one of the clubs we went to... I think I actually felt a tear coming when i had to reply "no" to the invite. Anyways, there's no question to whether I'm going back in the future. In the meantime, I'll just have to remember all the fun times we had...

mandag 17. mai 2010

It's been a while...

My blog hasn't gotten any attention from me in too long a while, but now I've decided to give it the love it deserves again! In the time that has gone by, so many things have happened! There's no way I can sum it all up now, but to mention a few things, I have been a part of a dance production, been to New York, and moved back to my hometown Stavanger after a whole year in Trondheim!

Anyway, I figured that now that I have a stable internet connection again, I can continue blogging, and I'm really looking forward to it! It's a part of my everyday life that I've really missed... So, here it goes! You'll hear from me soon. Lots of love.