søndag 20. september 2009

AW s/s 2010

Everybody is talking about the new Alexander Wang line, which is very sporty and partly american football-inspired. As always, the shoes were the most fabulous part of the collection - who can resist a pair of super hot leopard-printed wedges?! Not me, thats for sure, and especially not when they are signed AW. The collection also contained a lot of transparent fabrics, shoulder pads, interesting cuttings and sequins. Just like you'd expect. Here are my favourite looks from the line.

3 kommentarer:

  1. I love this line. AW is fab as always!!

  2. Alexander Wang is indeed a genius but peopl overhype everything. Just wait til Balmain comes out with its collection, people will start going nuts. There are so many other great designers as well that are by far so underrated.

  3. Gloria: He is indeed:)
    AX8o: I totally agree. I don't think that this line was as good as the last, but I still love some of the elements that it contains. It's so very true that there are a lot of other great designers, and I will do posts about them too! :)