søndag 27. september 2009

Style icon: Erin Wasson

Model, designer, muse, style icon. Erin Wasson has that effortless coolness that normal people can only dream about, and a sense of personal style that is so incredibly fabulous. She never looks too dressed up, and she always has that effortless just-threw-something-on look. Her favourite basic pieces are tanks, denim cut-offs, skinny jeans and statement jackets, and she mixes these items with cool and unexpected accessories like a feather headpiece or a pair of leopard printed shoes.

3 kommentarer:

  1. I adore her and envy the style! Stunning!

  2. Ahh.. Me too, so incredibly stylish, yet it's like she's not even trying...

  3. Is she the daughter of Susanne Wasson?